CetPExt is a freeware dos/Win32 command line application that convert a positions PDB data file from the Cetus GPS palm application to various text based formats.

A big thanks to my friend Matteo Lenardon, that do this app for me.

Damjan Gerli


Here you can download the executable and source:

CETPEXT v1.0 (March 19th 2003)

CETus Position EXTractor: convert Cetus Position PDB file (http://www.cetus.dk)
into an easy readable data file

Author:  Matteo Lenardon
License: Freeware

Format: CETPEXT [-ovancstxwh] <sourcefile> [destinationfile]

-o enable destination file name selection
-v verbose
-a show all data for records
-n write file in the same format of Cetus pdb
-c use a comma "," as separator (*.txt)
-s use a semicolon ";" as separator (*.csv)
-t use a tab as separator (*.txt)
-x use a tab as separator (*.xls) [default]
-w write file without table title
-h this help screen (disable other options)

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